QUESTION OF THE YEAR: Do White Supremacists have the right to live in America?

Biden's Roller-Booster
Oh wow! Biden got a booster shot? How do you know what was in the syringe? I'll wager it was a vitamin D shot. How do I know this? Simple... Bidens own policy exempts White House and staff, Congress, their aids AND NOT YOU from taking the jab. Oh yeah, Japan just banned the boosters. Wondering why? Click Here: Watch "This will never end".
Maybe the Vaccine is Seasoning?
They keep telling us UFO's are real, and that they live among us. There was a 1962 Twilight Zone episode about an alien race who comes to Earth, promising peace and sharing technology. They gave us a book titled "To Serve Man." It was a cookbook... Just saying.
What's it to you?
That's my answer to the question What are you [thinking-planning-doing-or about to do]? It might be nicer to just say Blow Me! But it reminds me of a time as kid sitting on the curb eating a candy bar. An elderly gentleman began lecturing me about the health risks of eating chocolate, and how it will shorten my life! I told him my Grandfather lived to be 106. The old gent asked... Did he eat a lot of chocolate? I said no, he just learned how to mind his own business.
Home Title Lock?
Are you kidding me? Mortgage and title companies can’t prevent this? If a cyber-thief steals your title, then sells your home… and the bank forecloses. The state should take possession of the home as evidence, then send public notice for the current name on the (changed) title. When this person shows up, they’re under arrest. So no one will show. If no one claims the house, the state titles the mortgage free home to the rightful owner; and the mortgage company is out of luck. Watch how fast your title gets protected.
Social Security Change?
So the government overlords want to raise the age of retirement to 70 or 75 because people are living longer now. Did any of those so-called experts conceder the capability factor? Sixty-six year old ditch diggers are difficult to find because of the capability factor! Most people don't retire because of age, they just can't do the work anymore. You see? Bureaucrats care not for your concerns least they are aligned with theirs...
Apollo Booster Rocket
1. One that boosts, as.
2. A device for increasing power or effectiveness.
3. An enthusiastic promoter, as of a sports team or school.
It's not number 3, or number 1, the obvious... but number 2. A device that increases power or effectiveness. So the original design (vaccine) wasn't powerful or effective enough? When will that ever stop? And Lib's lecture us about the evils of drug dealers getting people hooked on their product.
Critical Race Theory?
First things first! Do I see the word THEORY in its title? So it’s just a theory, which may or may not be critical? Its criticalness is dependent upon whom is making the claim. That’s convenient. It reminds me of a group of people claiming their race is superior to all. Who declared your race superior, you might ask? The same people who claim they are the superior group. Get it?
President Trump!
Everyone hates him until he’s needed. Same as a redneck. No one likes them until you need your car fixed. I wonder what he charges for an oil change? When others claim Trump is destroying our democracy why not ask, “Which democracy are you referring to? The one where the individual is in control or the one where the government is in charge?
In the near future.
When Trump returns to the White House, I hope he announces that all those who crossed our border illegally, and didn't show for their court date, are automatically placed on the deportation list. Think about hiring more border patrol agents and less IRS agents. On a side note: If our fine immigrants properly assimilated, they would vote Republican, and the Democrats know it, that's why the push for amnesty.
Gas Prices at $3.59 a gallon?
A friend of mine was complaining about the high price of gas. I asked him how many miles per gallon does your car get. He asked, “What’s that have to do with the price of gas?” Nothing, just trying to figure how much it costs you to travel a mile. Well, he replies… “Thirty.” So it cost you $3.59 to travel thirty miles? What would a taxi or an Uber cost? How much time would it take you to ride a bicycle 30 miles? Even at 10 consistent, non-stop MPH it would take you three hours… And, what’s that time worth? Nah… 30 miles for $3.59 is a deal.

Universal Health Care eh?

Why do we ignore the obvious?

Start teaching medical and paramedic courses to grades 7 through 12. Six years later we will have 3.3 million qualified healthcare professionals entering society, and another 3.3 million every year thereafter. Eventually everyone in the country will be able to administer adequate care for… Themselves!

Just Saying: If we forbid religion in government… why not ban medical care from capitalism? Try not to reimage that.


They’re the ones passing laws the police must enforce.


Here’s a find. George Carlin spoke before the National Press Club about Political Terms. Of course he nailed it. Please forgive the audio quality, the master recording was bad.