QUESTION OF THE YEAR: Do White Supremacists have the right to live in America?


I’m a Racist… What’s it to you?

Yes I am a racist, what’s it to you? Before  your blood pressure becomes unmanageable you may want to take a look at the real definition of racist, not the media’s version. How did we get from, a belief that one race is superior to another, to if I don’t get my way… You’re a racist? That’s a huge jump!

In reality, if you don’t believe your race is better than any other, what kind of belief system do you subscribe to? 

My belief system is founded in non-action. I simply believe in it, and do nothing about it… but enjoy it. Better explained, I have pride in my race, and it’s not left up to others to determine if my personal gratification is valid or not! 

Where would we be?  No phonograph, Thomas Edison, (white guy); No movies, Thomas Edison, (white guy); No telephone, Alexander Graham Bell (white guy); No cell phones, Dr. Martin Cooper, (white guy); No personal computers, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, (white guys); No Polio Vaccine, Dr. Jonas Salk, (white guy), No cars or trucks, Henry Ford, (white guy); No Transistors, Walter Brattain, John Bardeen and William Shockley, (white guys); 

No NASA, GPS, Google Maps and Corning ware, Dwight David Eisenhower, (white guy); No Television, Philo Farnsworth and Charles Frances Jenkins, (white guys). Normally white people don’t go around shoving these facts in anyone’ s face, mainly because we don’t care, but since the media and others are claiming we do, (because we are racists) there they are… And these are just a minuscule piece of a much longer list.

There’s nothing wrong, incorrect or immoral with being white, black, brown or any other race box the establishment demands you check. There’s no shame in having pride in your race or your car… or a racecar (which spelled backwards is still racecar).

So, the next time someone calls you a racist answer… So what’s it to you? I have the God given right to be racist, a white supremacist, or a bigot so long as I don’t act upon said beliefs. 

We have the RIGHT to hate anyone or anything we want. We also have the same RIGHT to love anyone or anything we want. John Wayne said it best; Talk Low, Talk Slow, and don’t say too much. But most importantly… I’m responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.

I’m not proclaiming everything is better because of white people, I’m just tired of being labeled a racist simply because I’m white!

Universal Health Care eh?

Why do we ignore the obvious?

Start teaching medical and paramedic courses to grades 7 through 12. Six years later we will have 3.3 million qualified healthcare professionals entering society, and another 3.3 million every year thereafter. Eventually everyone in the country will be able to administer adequate care for… Themselves!

HOW MUCH LONGER: Has the word “America” been labeled offensive, yet?

We’ll Take Mexico for 74 Million Alex.

Positive Points:

The wall is almost built. – Complete it with a high-speed mono-rail system from the Gulf of Mexico to Tijuana. Three rails: 1 for shipping; 1 for Border Patrol; and 1 for Commerce and mail.
We keep the Military, Liberals hate it anyway.
Same Constitution with some changes:
1. No Government salaries. It’s a volunteer position. 2. No government employees. Sub-contractors if needed. 3. Term Limits for everyyone in Government. 4. No personal or corporate taxes. Tariffs work just fine. 5. NEVER employ socialism on any level. 6. Trump will preside as President for 8 years.

The United States of America 2.0

All 74 million Trump voters take to Mexico, then divide it into 51 states. One state representing every state in America, plus one for the native born Mexicans who wish to keep their culture intact. (Each state decides how they want to live. A strong 10th Amendment will prevail.)

The Mexican government may be interested in working out a deal. The current Mexican population may want to relocate north to the old USA1.0 where everything is free, or they may assimilate in the new America-2.0.

The new USA-2.0 has an over abundance of OIL! The weather isn’t that bad. (Not much snow). It has an East and West coast. There will be lots of work; unemployment won’t exist. Churches will flourish, because there will be no FREE government programs to compete with.

Either start USA 2.0 or apply the Positive Points to USA 1.0 and stay here.

NOTE: Before some liberal goes apoplectic over this idea… Keep that in mind… It’s just an idea. Same as Marxism, Communism and Socialism are just ideas.

Here’s a find. George Carlin spoke before the National Press Club about Political Terms. Of course he nailed it. Please forgive the quality of the audio, the master recording was bad.