Fake News?

Fake News?

I have been in the television business for more than 30+ years. I’ve been show talent, an editor, cameraman, sound and lighting engineer, a director, a technical director and an Emmy Award-Winning producer. In other words… I know my craft. During the inauguration when the director told the technical director (the person operating the switcher) to change from camera X to camera Y, just as Biden raised his hand, how did these two shots come out so different? (Keep in mind the actual switch is instant, depending if it was a cut or a dissolve — it was a cut.)

The screen shots on the right came from the video below, “Please raise your right hand” begins about 1:48:30 min into the clip. See for yourself.


What happen to the girl in the white coat and mask standing directly behind Biden?  REMEMBER, this was supposed to be LIVE!

Compare both pictures, see the sun on Biden’s face. (The shading is different or the color corrector in the studio didn’t do a good job.) Where did the girl in the pink mask go? Where did the girl in the turquoise coat come from?  The two people standing behind Dr. Biden are different in the second picture. It’s not live, it’s edited.

Just before the switch [1:48:35]

Just after the switch [1:48:36]